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October 30, 2011
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Nov 30, 1999, 12:00:00 AM
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Windows


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.:Super Mario Stars:. by SuperCaterina .:Super Mario Stars:. by SuperCaterina
LONG STORY, very long!:ohnoes:

First of all, this composition was made for a contest of...LAST YEAR. So it's almost one year old (on the 5th of nove,ber). You can see some random items on this drawing (listed also at the bottom of this long post lol) and they were meant to be there just because of the contest rules (you had to add some of the items listed from the rules in a “logical” scene with Nintendo characters as subjects, in very less words).
I have finished this composition at the very last moment and so I had to took a photo when it was evening and my camera doesn't work very well when there isn't sunlight. That's the why that it seems a drawing but, in reality, it's a big composition made of many different drawing...almost like my Paper Mario 2 drawing, but much more tridimensional.

Why have I been waiting so much to upload this drawing on deviantart? Well, simply because I wanted to take a different photo with a different lighting which could show better its tridimensionality, but my cats slept on this composition (sooo comfortable! :trollface: ) and munched some figures...and ruined it, so I had to rebuild it...but I was too tired of all of this!

Do you understand what I am saying?:trollface:

By the way, I have arrived only 14th at this contest (also predicted by a night dream! D= ) and I could win Art Academy for NDS...but I don't like it so much. lol

This piece is pretty particular and I've spent a lot of time on it (about 1 week and a half) ... shame is that this is a photo and it doesn't show very well the main idea! Let me explain you (with a veeeery long post) how I made it..if you have enough patience! =D

:star:MAKING OF:star:
This piece is like a “scene” standing by itself. Almost every layer of this drawing stands upwith a paper support (while other are attached on the background_ like on my Paper Mario drawing!).
In the first layer there are 3 different figures of Peach and her Umbrella, Mario and Bowser Jr and I have used the "Chess" floor as paper support for them; close to their layer, there are Daisy and Morton (which are only 1 figure) and I used a white strip of sheet as support for them (it's hidden); Wendy and the "servant-koopa" are two distinct figures attached on another strip of chess floor (paper support).... same thing for Kamek, Bowser and Lemmy (even if you do not notice ... (sigh) Bowser and Lemmy are 2 different figures, they are not part of the same drawing like Morton and Daisy). In the background I attached a big paper strip of chess floor, where I attacked Luigi, Ludwig, a mandolin and Koopatrol (or guard koopa ... he is too cool, I had to draw one!! X3).
The arch with Bowser face on the door is directly attached to the background, which is the latest layer (I painted it black with watercolour) and on top of it, I attacked Boos, Lakitu Boo, Roy and Larry.
I did the same thing with columns and curtains (I folded some of the columns figures_ those who are meant to be “nearer”_ to make them more 3D): all of these figures are directly attached to the black background (which is a A4 sheet I coloured black with watercolours).
On one of the columns, I hung Donkey Kong and Iggy (wich are the same figure).

I've coloured each characters figures with pastels; the checkered floor is a simple pattern I made with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and then I printed it to use as part of the scene (and as paper support for the figures, of course). The background is a big piece of paper sheet I coloured with black watercolour (and I have put a lot of water to have more boat effect, which seems “fog” for the scene)....
Every figure I made a different drawing cut out and attached on each floor layer, rolling behind each piece of tape "stick off" (so you do not ruin anything when I will have to adapt everything XD): even rolling the tape, you gives a more three dimensional characters, so it does not seem one with the bottom. Each floor layer has a white strip which is a paper support to make the floor (and all the rest), stend up!
I used Adobe Photoshop on the photo to make the torch's light.

Last but not least .... pure and real COTTON. :heart: It works as fog for the background and mainly as foam coming out of the estinguisher. I enjoyed a lot working with cotton, also because it can be shaped at will. =D

Mario has just defeated Bowser for the umpteenth time ... BUT switched off his fire with a fire extinguisher this time! Poor Bowser, you feel very disgraced after this last failure. :(
Lemmy does not understand that with with what (and WHO) has to do, and then passes a toothbrush .... Lemmy Bowser, you're crazy. Kamek thinks that if is deliberately going to try ... Vabbuò. Grins Mario and Bowser Jr. for the incident ... rightly rebukes him. Do not do this, a bad guy Mario! Meanwhile, Louis goes to inspect a dark door with just a torch ... but is frightened by the minions of Bowser that suddenly appear from the darkness (they run away because of the light of the very simple flashlight Luigiiii though ... XD) ! Poor Luigi stumbles and falls straight on for fear of Ludwig MANDOLIN liq. Nuooo! I do not want to know how it will end. DK, who meanwhile has come to the aid of his friends ... or maybe not? Is focusing too much on the funny hair Iggy: I smell everything! Meanwhile, comes to the rescue: Daisy Morton hit with a frying pan (THAT MUST HURRRRT) .. but also their coming-Larry and Roy are returning to the castle to help Bowser and others!
The only ones that do not seem to care much about all this chaos, seem to be Peach (which is easily repaired with his umbrella) and Wendy, wiping her new hairstyle with a frothy PHON, reflected on a heavy mirror (do not tell the koopa !)... not carinaaa?

Fire extinguisher (Mario), umbrella (Peach), mandolin (between Louis and Ludwig), fishing rod (Lakitu Boo), rope (Roy and Larry), pan (Daisy) Torch (between Boo and Luigi), hair dryer (Wendy), toothbrush (Lemmy), bananas (in the comics of Donkey Kong).

* The scene: For this design, I am just inspired by Super Mario All Stars (it was my very first video game ... the first one who sent me for Mario and company fixed the age of 5 ... woooo) , for what we are also Bowserotti (or koopalings XD) and the scenario is deliberately inspired by the levels of Bowser's castle, as they appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3 (I like both these levels, because they have a lot of "atmosphere" ...)!
* Donkey Kong and Daisy have nothing to do with Mario Bros All Stars ... but seeing the list of objects to be used, I thought they were pretty good in this megamix!

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